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What does Reiki healing feel like?
The sensations during a Reiki treatment are unique for each individual, however most clients experience relaxation. Clients commonly experience deep relaxation when receiving healing for physical ailments and energised when healing emotional issues. These responses indicate that balance is being restored in the body. Some clients have found Reiki energy to feel like a wonderful healing, flowing radiance, relieving them of negative, depleting energies; resulting in feelings of serenity and joy.
Who is Reiki suitable for?
Reiki is beneficial and suitable for everyone, no matter what their condition or symptoms. Reiki is also perfectly safe for babies, pregnant women and the elderly. Reiki works intelligently with the body’s own natural healing systems to promote healing. The first step towards healing is relaxation.
Why is relaxation the first step?
Relaxation is one of the most commonly experienced effects of Reiki and there is good reason for this. Relaxation and rest are vital to healing. They turn off our fight or flight stress response, which pervades so many of our organs and systems. Once the body experiences relaxation it enables the body to focus on restoring health rather than responding to crisis.
What conditions can Reiki treat?
Reiki is a safe, non-invasive healing system that accelerates the body’s natural healing abilities. Profound and positive healing results have been experienced through Reiki on conditions such as headaches, stress, anxiety and emotional conflict to more severe cases such as depression, panic-attacks, traumas, insomnia, bereavement, diabetes and cancer. Reiki can also reduce/eliminate the side-effects of medical treatments, including the negative effects of chemotherapy and post-operative pain.
Can I continue on medical treatment?
Absolutely. Reiki works in conjunction with regular medical treatment. However, it is recommended that you see a health care professional in addition to receiving Reiki treatments should you have a medical condition. Reiki energy works in harmony with all other forms of healing, including medicine, surgery, psychological care or any other method of alternative care and will improve the results.
Is Reiki safe for pregnant women?
Yes. Many women have received treatments before, during and after pregnancy with great benefit to both mother and child. Receiving Reiki whilst pregnant can result in a smoother pregnancy and child-birth experience. It also means that the unborn child will benefit from the Reiki treatment. Reiki is also completely safe and very healthy for babies. Since Reiki is guided by the Higher Power, the Reiki energy will know the condition of the client and adjust appropriately.
How many treatments will I require?
During your initial consultation we will discuss any health concerns you have. Depending on the type of health concerns, the level and magnitude of imbalances, the length of time you have had these concerns for, and the degree of healing that you require; an individual treatment plan will be made. As a guide, after experiencing a course of Reiki treatments, most clients continue with their sessions and later opt for maintenance treatments as part of their ongoing health and well-being regime.
Does Reiki have any side-effects?
The experiences during and after a Reiki treatment are unique for each individual, however deep relaxation tends to be experienced by all. Depending on the severity of the condition, clients can also experience the following sensations post-treatment: uplifted, increased serenity, mental clarity, vivid dreams, energetic, tired/sleepy and emotional. Mild physical sensations may also occur such as a headache, which is a positive healing sign, indicative of the body cleansing and healing itself.
Is Reiki suitable for children?
Reiki works wonderfully with children and can help them in a variety of ways. For example, Reiki treatments can help children to better cope with exam stress and academic pressure, mood swings, processing and coping with a bereavement, and a wide range of other life experiences. Children absorb Reiki energy quickly, therefore depending on the severity of their condition, they require slightly shorter treatment than adults.
When do emotional effects occur?
For clients with deeper healing requirements, Reiki can often reawaken emotions that have been suppressed, such as grief, sadness or anger. This release is very healthy and vital in order for healing to occur. Please feel free and able to release such emotions. We will be working together in a safe, confidential way and you will be fully supported should this occur. The release of any emotions will help to clear blockages and imbalances, leading your Sacred Self in to a space of inner harmony.
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