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What is Distance Healing and Does it Really Work?

On my path as a Reiki Master, one question that I often get asked is: “What is distance healing and does it really work?” The answer is of course, yes! Here’s an explanation of what distance healing actually is and how it works.

Reiki is a universal spiritually guided life-force energy. This life-force energy is also known as Chi, Qi or Prana and it flows through each and every living being. Distance healing enables Reiki Practitioners to send healing Reiki energy across time and space. This may sound far-fetched for those unfamiliar with spiritual and energy healing systems, however in our rational, scientific society we are only just beginning to understand Reiki as a more detectable form of life-force based energy. Just as the concept of radio waves and frequencies could not be fully understood or accepted until scientific factual evidence was provided, the same is now happening with Reiki. At long last, instead of being regarded as an intangible, magical energy; Reiki energy is slowly beginning to gain greater acknowledgement and acceptance due to scientific and technological advancement that can now measure the energy waves emitted by Reiki healing energy. Through scientific means of energy transmission measurement it is becoming increasingly apparent that energy can clearly transcend time and space. However unlike the electromagnetic frequencies generated by radio waves, Reiki energy is generated by a spiritually guided life-force energy.

Distance healing can heal in wonderful ways, from helping to clear deep-rooted energy blocks to achieving peace and cleansing across spaces and geographical places. According to the Hermetic Law of Similarity, everything is made up of energy matter whereby we are all connected to each other as part of a larger whole. Based on these principles, Reiki Practitioners tend to use an object which they connect to the energy field of the receiver. During distance healing sessions I like to use the recipient’s photo, or hold an image of the recipient in my mind, along with the corresponding healing crystals that are most suitable for the client. I have also found greater healing results when the recipient is aware that I am sending Reiki healing energy to them. This ensures that the recipient is open, ready and present to receive this beautiful spiritually-guided healing energy.

When I first started practicing distance Reiki healing, I confess that the sceptic in me would begin to raise its questioning and doubtful head, however as I continued with my practice I began to notice and understand the profound changes that were taking place. I would have clients relay events or experiences that occurred upon receiving my distance healing. Quite often, I will experience sensations whilst sending distance Reiki healing, only to have my client phone and state that they had experienced those very feelings and sensations. These typically tend to range from joy and peace to empowerment, freedom and relief from mental, emotional and physical pains. The healing power of Reiki through both distance and in-person healing, is provided through a beautiful link to the spiritually guided universal life-force energy through which Reiki can be channelled for the healing benefit of others. The more you work with Reiki healing energy the more profound the results become, until even the sceptic inside of you has no choice but to bow its head to this wondrous spiritually guided practice. Reiki reinforces the connection to your soul and divinity within. It brings about the realisation that you are part of something magnificent and greater, where each individual is not just a human being, but a soul that is connected with all others. Click here to view this Blog Post on The Huffington Post Website!


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