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I would love the opportunity to teach you the beautiful healing energy system of Reiki. Please read below to find out more about this wondrous healing technique.

Reiki is a natural and non-invasive, holistic healing technique with its roots in Japanese origins. It promotes relief from mental, physical and emotional ailments. Reiki can be learnt by anyone and everyone, regardless of faith, professional background or spiritual development. All that you require is the desire to heal, a spiritual nature and an open heart and mind.

                                                                          Reiki Course Information

These courses have been verified against the current National Occupational Standards for Reiki and the Core Curriculum of the Reiki Council and is included in the UK Reiki Federation’s Directory of Approved Courses.

Teaching Days:

Please contact me to arrange a suitable teaching date

Reiki Training is carried out at the following London locations:
Harley Street (Sundays only)


  • All writing materials will be supplied

  • You will receive an in-depth manual which will consist of everything that has been covered in the session and all the required information necessary to equip you on your wonderful Reiki journey

  • You will receive a Reiki certificate appropriate to the Level you have studied

  • You will also receive a copy of your Reiki Lineage which traces back to Dr Mikao Usui

Students per class:
I take a maximum of 4 students per class to ensure that you receive quality training and individual attention.

Please note:

  • It is recommended for students to wait at least 6 months in between Reiki levels to allow time to adjust to the new Reiki energy and become accustomed to the practice before progressing further.

  • After each workshop, a period of 21 days cleansing follows. This is due to the changes taking place within the energy field. During this time it is possible that you may feel more emotional as you release any mental and emotional blocks.

Learning Reiki will promote:

  • Peace and Positivity - Learning Reiki is a sacred experience that will bring you inner peace, serenity and contentment.

  • Spiritual enhancement - You will find that Reiki will create a beautiful space inside of you that is filled with abundant positivity, peace and self-love. It is a wonderful space that you can access at any time. We will also carry out meditations during the sessions which will greatly assist this process.

  • Self-healing - Learning Reiki will enable you to not only heal others but to also self-heal; bringing you balance and enhancing your access to the Reiki healing energy.

I am always available for support throughout your Reiki journey and encourage students to stay in touch. Please feel free to contact me at any point in your career or self-healing. I am so grateful for this wonderful opportunity to share Reiki with you and look forward to helping you progress on your Reiki journey of self-discovery and healing.

Please note: £100 non-refundable deposit fee is required beforehand to secure bookings for all Reiki Courses. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information via my contact page.

                      A magnificent and exciting spiritual adventure awaits you!

Learning Reiki
UK Reiki Federation Master Practitioner and Teacher                 
CNHC Reiki Reg. Complimentary and  Natural Healthcare Council

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