Reiki Level 4 - Master Teacher  Level

These courses have been verified against the current National Occupational Standards for Reiki and the Core Curriculum of the Reiki Council and is included in the UK Reiki Federation’s Directory of Approved Courses.

Course Background:
Reiki Level 4 is the highest Level of Reiki which brings with it a certain responsibility enabling you to pass this beautiful gift on to your Reiki students.
You will be fully trained in teaching Reiki and attuning your students to Reiki
Levels: 1, 2, 3 and 4. Before undergoing this magical new journey you must be fully committed to Reiki and be prepared to express a spiritual way of life. By the end of this Reiki training you will be able to teach Reiki effectively to your Reiki students. You will understand what it means to be a Reiki teacher and will be fully skilled at giving Reiki Attunements (Denju) to your students, and effective at teaching professional and traditional Usui Reiki training. You will comprehend the significance of the Reiki Master symbol and how to use it for your own self-healing and to empower physical and emotional healings. 

Course Content:

  • Introduction of The Ancient Tibetan symbols as well as non-original Reiki symbols

  • Discussion on the use of these symbols

  • Deep meditation to connect to your own Reiki Healing Master in preparation for your beautiful Reiki Teacher Attunement

  • How to give a Reiki Healing Attunement

  • How to give Reiki Level 1,2,3 and 4 Attunements, with plenty of practice at giving these attunements

  • Advanced healing techniques

  • There will be lots of practical work involved. We will practice until you feel comfortable with the techniques

  • How to prepare your room, cleanse and protect before a Reiki workshop

  • Advice on Guided meditations and how to conduct them

  • Course outline for Reiki workshops and how to present them

  • Holding Reiki shares or meetings

  • How to design Reiki certificates, brochures, business cards

  • How to market your business

  • Code of Conduct

  • Certification as Reiki Teacher!


  • All writing materials will be supplied

  • You will receive an in-depth manual which will consist of everything that has been covered in the session and all the required information necessary to equip you on your wonderful Reiki journey

  • You will receive a Reiki certificate appropriate to the Level you have studied

  • You will also receive a copy of your Reiki Lineage which traces back to
    Dr Mikao Usui

Students per class:
I take a maximum of 4 students per class to ensure that you receive quality training, practice and individual attention.

Reiki Level 4 Course Information:
2 days training   

Teaching Days:
Please contact me to arrange a suitable teaching date.
Reiki Training is carried out at various London locations:

Harley Street, Marylebone​, Knightsbridge


Please note:
Reiki Level 3 and Level 4 can be carried out together over two consecutive days for a discounted rate of £750.00 (as opposed to £880.00 if studied separately).
Reiki Level 3 can be taught individually for those wishing to pursue Reiki Master Level without yet teaching.

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