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Divine Timing - Trust The Process

Trust life. Things are happening exactly how they’re meant to and when they’re meant to. So often in life we push so hard for things that just do not seem to be coming our way no matter how hard we try. You may wish to achieve something, working so hard and relentlessly towards your goal only to find it not manifest. You may have so many “close calls” where your end goal is almost within your reach, only to have it slip away at the very last moment. Stop. Pause. Realise. Understand. 

This is the incredible work of Divine Timing. There is a much bigger picture and greater scheme at work which we simply do not have the vision to see or the foresight to understand.

When you’re going through an incredibly difficult time in life and it feels like there’s simply nothing to be gained from the struggle and pain, we lack the foresight in the present to see where that experience may take us or how it may assist us in the future. Have you ever stopped to look at those hard times in your life and realised the learning that came out of that situation and where it has taken you to now? Sometimes it’s those hard times, that make us stronger and who we are today. Who knows, had you received what you desired exactly when you wanted it, perhaps you may have struggled in some way or have been lead in an unwanted direction. The next time you really want to achieve something and feel that no matter how hard you try, you’re constantly hitting a brick wall, remember this: There’s no such thing as a negative experience, there are only learning experiences.  “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change” Wayne W. Dyer. 

Understand that situations may happen in your life and even though it might not be exactly what you ‘asked’ for, when you asked for it, it may be paving the way to a bigger and even better outcome! When we understand and wholeheartedly trust The Universe and Divine Timing, our problems work themselves out in ways more magical than we could ever have conceived with our rational minds.

I’ve learnt through life that life’s greatest gifts will arrive at the perfect time in the most beautiful way, in an even more amazing way than we had planned. Through life we will receive the most incredible gifts at our ‘Divine Time.’ Whether this be through a breakup or a normal day at the office, these moments like many others in my life have occurred for a very special reason.

Everything happens in Divine Timing. When things seem not to be happening, just know that there are things happening that cannot be seen on our plane.  What we see is only a fraction of what IS.  Set your sights and work towards your goal, continue taking action towards it and listen to your inner voice.

Sometimes what appears to be a delay may be a divine hand holding us back, or an early surprise may be Divine Timing knowing that we are ready for something even when we do not know it ourselves! This is the beauty of Divine Timing. It ensures that we and all the circumstances around us are in harmony to ensure that we can take action from our most inspired, creative place to produce the best results. This is one of the biggest lessons i’ve learned through my own experience. Something above and beyond what I could have ever imagined always takes place. All you have to do is start listening and responding to your inner message, your gut instinct. Trust the process.

Don’t waste your precious energy worrying or being so hard on yourself. There are always reasons as to why things happen when they do, how they do. Instead, utilise that energy positively as you continue to work towards your goal, carry out all the necessary actions and listen to your intuition. You’ll find that if something doesn’t happen at the expected time in the expected way, it means it’s going to happen at a better timing in a better way! 

When you learn to relax into the flow of life, you enjoy the process so much more. Work on having faith that the Universe is endlessly conspiring in your favour and working out all the details. Remind yourself that as long as you put in the effort and take the necessary actions towards your goals the rest will take care of itself. There’s no longer any need to exhaust yourself, fighting against the work of the Universe and nature. A flower blossoms when it is ready, the skies open when the earth needs rain and love is fulfilled at the perfect moment. The moment we are ready, what is meant for us is sent to us.

There is a divine design and timing to everything. Continue with your positive affirmations, continue writing your gratitude lists, continue acting in the direction of your dreams and goals. Do not lose faith. The Law of Attraction is a powerful force and it goes hand in hand with Divine Timing. The moment we are ready and the circumstances around us are ideal, (many of which we can’t always see) trust that Divine Timing will always deliver. The Universe has always got your back.


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