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Heal your Soul, Find Your Truth, Love and Embrace your Sacred Self

Lisa Snowdon

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"I had the pleasure of meeting and being treated with the most delicious and much needed reiki healing session by the most gorgeous precious human today - @thesacredself.shaylini

Thank you for your healing touch and energy"

Caggie Dunlop

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It was my first Reiki experience with Shaylini and I could tell from meeting her she was a very spiritual and healing person, after the practice I felt like a weight had been lifted and something in me had begun to shift. It was an amazing experience and I look forward to coming back again."

Ashley James

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"My first Reiki experience with Shaylini was incredible. It was relaxing, and she uncovered some fascinating things from my Chakras. I left feeling energised and with the knowledge of which areas healing took place in. I am already looking forward to my next Reiki session."

Tor Cardona

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"My first reiki experience with Shaylini was everything I had hoped for and more - I felt instantly relaxed in her presence and I left feeling energised and at peace. I can't wait to book in again - truly amazing!"

Pandora Symes
Rooted London

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"Shaylini has the most beautiful energy and my treatment with her lasted with me for days. I felt uplifted and warm inside, full of light and clarity. I would come back time and time again”

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"I feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity to have Reiki energy healing treatments with Shaylini who is a delightful and naturally gifted powerful Reiki healer. Shaylini's kind caring nature, wisdom and knowledge combined with her own special creativity in my eyes no doubt makes her a successful Reiki Master Teacher/Therapist and hopefully a good friend I will have for life! Shaylini works with grace, love, light & peace, a truly healing and soothing experience for the mind, body & soul."

North London

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“Shaylini is a wonderful Reiki Master. She puts you at complete ease and her gentle touch and warm healing gave me immediate relief from my back pain. Shaylini is dedicated to her profession and takes time over all her clients to listen to their needs. Nothing is ever too much for her. She will always go the 'extra mile.' I have no reservations in recommending her to anyone."

Bhakti Raval Yoga

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"Shaylini is amongst the most gentle of souls that I have come across in my life. Being a yoga therapist and healer myself I can see the love and compassion she holds in her healing.

Her presence itself is so warm and soothing. Shaylini is a beautiful and blessed soul."

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"My Reiki sessions with Shaylini are an inner massage for my heart, soul, and my mind. Her compassion and energy, have benefitted both me and others around me. Shaylini's wealth of knowledge, enthusiasm, and genuine care made Reiki a powerful experience for me allowing me to be more productive and happier. It gave me relief from the most painful tension in my legs and knee pains caused by arthritis. Shaylini's energy healing and compassionate approach gently eased the pain away."

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