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Healing Through Nature

Nature teaches us how to survive despite the strongest forces and challenges that we may face.

There is a wonderful healing quality to nature. Immersing ourselves in the rhythms and beauty of nature can provide for incredible healing and transformative experiences. Ayurveda, the ancient healing tradition of India, recommends spending time in nature every day. Whether it’s taking time to smell the flowers, strolling by a flowing stream, hiking through a forest, running through a wildflower field, or watching the last few rays of the setting sun. These moments allow us to experience the wonder and unconditional abundance that nature bestows upon us. Nature enables us to reconnect with our inner selves and recognise that we are inextricably connected to the universe.

Time spent outdoors can be restorative and healing. For many the outdoors is a source of inspiration, self-growth, solace, guidance and rejuvenation. When you’re next amongst nature, take a few moments to appreciate the freshness of the air, the colour of the sky, the chirping of the birds, the feel of the wind against your skin. Experience nature with all of your senses and somewhere from deep within, you will feel a sense of calmness pervade you. Let yourself be soothed by the healers of nature, one of the best prescriptions for our overall health, well-being and healing. As Hippocrates justly stated, “Nature cures, not the physician”.

Once we become consciously aware and tune into nature, we can begin to tap into its abundant healing powers. Begin to see mother nature as an ever-present, trusted close friend and guide, who is always there to share and heal our wounds in this journey of life.

Just like a mother, father or friend, nature is constantly providing us with an array of its own examples and teachings that can aid in our own healing. For example, nature provides beautiful instances of hope where there appears to be none through demonstrating that light follows darkness, sunshine follows rain and spring follows winter. The constancy of the seasons demonstrate stability when all else may be crumbling. Like the strong and sturdy tree, nature teaches us to remain grounded, strong and to stand tall through all of life’s obstacles. The grand and graceful tree teaches us of the beauty of change, adaptation and evolving gracefully no matter what the conditions. These wondrous examples are taught to us by nature as a reminder that through our hardships and triumphs, everything is momentary and that these moments too shall pass.

Even when we are in our deepest and most darkest of moments; nature demonstrates the capability that each of us has within us to empower ourselves to rise and continue. It displays strength and powerful regenerative capabilities to heal damage. When we look at the devastation caused by fires, earthquakes, lightening and floods, one can find signs of new growth and new life amongst the wreckage. Nature teaches us how to survive despite the strongest forces and challenges that we may face.

Looking to nature as our greatest teacher can be powerful and humbling. There is so much to learn from our existence, if only we stopped to look around us. Nature’s love for us is selfless, abundant and unconditional. It constantly gives so much without expecting anything in return. When we’re sweltering in the heat, we turn to the trees for shade, when we require darkness for sleep: nature provides nightfall, when we require warmth and heat we bask in the sun.

In the words of Einstein, “Look deep, deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better”.


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